Skin Boosters

Skinboosters is a filler treatment which improves skin hydration, firmness and luminosity, through micro-injections of a very soft hyaluronic acid filler into the skin.

Skin Booster is a skin care technique by injection of a substance containing hyaluronic acid. This acid is long-lasting inside the skin and is injected in a micro dose under the skin. Hyaluronic acid cells will absorbs water to moisturize the skin from within.

This skin care will also make the skin glow by softening the skin from the inside. this treatment is usually done to repair sensitive and exposed areas, such as the neck area, lower eyes, hands, and acne scars or scars. In the process, hyaluronic acid is injected with a tiny needle. “Injections can improve the quality of the skin not only on the face, also on the hands, neck, lips, front chest, and acne scars

What are the benefits of skin boosters ?

Make Natural Skin Clear by smoothing and softening the skin from the inside

Improves skin texture to make it look plum ,soft and fresh

Maintain moisture and skin elasticity

Maintain the fluid balance and keep skin hydrated

What are the side effects of Skin Booster ?

Side effects are only temporary, bruising . These bruises will disappear by themselves in 3-7 days.

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