Skin polish with powder

With powder: with help of the aluminum Oxide crystals which are 100, 120 , 150 microns size crystal size dust free ,high purity powder, along with the suction we remove the superficial dead skin which helps in rejuvenation of skin It also helps in removing white heads and blackheads on the skin.

Helps to reduce the post acne dark spots and superficial scars on the face. Reduces pores on the face.

Helps in rejuvenation. Completely painless and safe and FDA approved.

Skin polish without powder

In this procedure we use the diamond tip already has crystals installed on the tip of the machine this is again safe and FDA approved treatment helps to remove whitehead and blackheads on the skin helps to remove dark spot and superficial scars on the skin very good treatment for brightening of the face this is also famous by the name of skin polish.

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