Regeneria activa

Regenera activa is an innovative treatment procedure in which the scalp is injected with special suspension containing stem cell , growth factors and progenitor cells with extremely powerful regenerative properties. During the procedure the patient is simultaneously a donor and a recipient for a mixture of a grafted substance which avoids the risk of allergies. The efficacy of the treatment is well documented in many clinical studies. Procedure is performed in a single session and can be repeated after 2-3 years

3 step procedure

Step 1 - Collection of 1-3 skin samples (specimen) from occipital area (back of the neck) because this area is least likely to get androgenic alopecia.samples are very small 2.5mm in diameter, so the collection site heals faster without leaving any traces or scar.

Step 2 - The samples collected are placed in a special device where suspension containing stem cell , growth factors and progenitor cells will be isolated.

Step 3 - Last step consists in injecting the scalp with the mixture through mesotherapy in order to initiate the regenerative processes.

Details of treatments

This is performed by Dr Madhavi Valvi
Duration 1-1.5 hrs
Under Local anaesthesia
Only 1 time procedure
Resume work immediately after procedure.


Androgenic alopecia (hormonal hair loss) in men
Androgenic alopecia (hormonal hair loss) in women
patient who have recently noticed increased Hair thinning and hair loss.

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