“Grey hair is the sign of wisdom “ but when you see grey hair on your face like chin , eyebrows , or upper lips or body then its definitely not a sign of wisdom . With the age and sometimes because of hormonal changes hair on face and body turns grey. You don’t need to coumoflage grey hair on face or pluck it again and again . If you’re seeking permanent hair removal for white hair, then electrolysis is the way to go. Consult your dermatologist to explore the best treatment options for white facial hair.

What is electrolysis ?

Electrolysis is a safe and effective method to get rid of grey hair on face and body permanently. laser works best on dark and pigmented hairs but it doesn’t work on the grey hair where electrolysis helps to reduce the grey hair growth permanently.

How does electrolysis work to remove hair ?

The electrolysis method of treatment entails inserting a sharp and thin needle into the hair shaft, one at a time. Electric current is then safely delivered through this needle to kill the root of the hair, thereby resulting in permanent hair removal.


Yes, electrolysis gives you a permanent result, unlike any other form of hair removal treatment. However, in some cases, you may find that the hair strand grows back. In this case, you may need an additional session to curb the growth of facial hair permanently.

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