Open pores

Open pores gives dullness or patchiness to the skin because skin doesn’t reflect the light on openpore area and thats why it looks uneven Most of our clients complains of open pores which is a result of oily skin and aging Many of you believe that regular use of harsh scrub can help but thats not true

There are few clinical treatments which can help for open pores

Micro needling
Micro needling with radio frequency
Mono polar radio-frequency
Chemical peeling
Intense pulse light rejuvenation

Few are advance treatments for open pores

Mesobotox - Hyperdiluted or Extradiluted botox(botulinum toxin) magically shrinks the open pores but the effect lasts for only 6 weeks to max 8 weeks time and you need to repeat the sessions

PRP ( plasma rich protein) This helps to increase the new collagen modulation and thus increase skin luminosity and firmness and tightness

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