Face lift

What are fillers ?

An ideal fillers are biologically inert substance that fills the lost volume ,fills the spaces formed by creases like laughing lines , sad corners on the mouth Holds the shape and structure of sagged face gives natural looking body to the lips,chin , nose , softens the hump of nose , sharpens the jawlines

The safest and popular ones are hyaluronic acid fillers
There are different types of fillers of different companies
Different fillers have different concentration with different cross linking and different sustainability Some fillers are to volumise

Some just fills in the creases
Some gives lift to the sagging skin
So its very important to know which product would suit to the aesthetic need of patient / client
Dr Madhavi Valvi first asses your face
Understands your concern to fillers
Decides the best suited and cost effective product
Explains how fillers will work and what results are expected

What would be the procedure ?

1st step is consultation and assesment of face
Dr madhavi decides the best suited and cost effective product
Cost estimation and consent for the procedure
Application of anaesthetic cream for 30 to 45 mins to numb the area to be injected
Cleansing the face by technicians
Filler administration by dr madhavi with the use of tiny needles.

How long do the result last ?

Depending upon the product and the area injected fillers last from 6 months to 2 years.

What can go wrong ?

Fillers when not done right can give you unnatural result, complications like redness , rash , necrosis , blindness. Consult you injecting doctor before you sign up for this procedure


Please let us know about any autoimmune ailment , infection at the site of injection , if you are on any blood thinners . Also let your Dr know about any fillers of any other anti-aging treatment done in recent past

Post procedure care

Do not lie down in a way that you compress your face in any direction for 24 hours.
Do not vigorously massage the treated area for 24 hours.
Avoid workouts, swimming, active sports, excessive sun or heat exposure for 24 hours.
Avoid bleach/makeup applicators like sponge and brush for the next 12 hours as it may cause burning sensation at the points of the needle prick.
If you have been injected around the lips, please refrain from applying pressure on the area or kissing for 24 hours.
In case of any bump, rash or any other observations after the procedure has been done, please inform the facility immediately, so as to enable timely intervention.
Application of any medicated creams on the skin to be done only 48 hours after treatment, unless otherwise advised by the doctor.
Do not ignore any of bluish/ blackish discolouration ,if any, thinking it could be just a bruise. Let us decide. Please inform us immediately. Also let us know if you get boils or pustules on the injected area or anywhere on the face post injection.

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