Dark Circle

Dark circles under your eyes immediately give away the fact that you’re tired, stressed, or dehydrated… or maybe all three. You can try to cover them up with concealer, but they’ll find a way to pop through. They always do. If you don’t attempt to put makeup on them, someone will definitely stop you during the day and say, “You look tired.” You’ll laugh and say, “I am,” but you’ll die a little bit inside. People go to great lengths to conceal their under-eye bags. They’ll cover them with an orange lipstick to color correct, they’ll apply makeup throughout the day, and they’ll even wear sunglasses inside so no one will see

Factors causing Dark circle , puffy eyes , wrinkles arround eyes SLEEP DEPRIVATION-many of you may think watching tv late night , working late on laptop , or being tired may give you dark circle , well These are the aggravating factors for dark circle . There are some external and Internal factors which causes skin dark or pale , and skin under eye is so thin and delicate that it looks more dark

Allergies around the eyes can cause skin under eye itchy and lead to darkening on under eye

Atopic dermatitis in which thin skin becomes very dry and itchy

Constant rubbing of eyes

Stress can cause hormonal changes leading darkening of under eye

Anaemia(iron deficiency) and nutritional deficiency- can also give you darkening

Smoking is also an additional factor which can aggravate darkening under eye


Vitamin E, vit K , vit A rich creams application can help in improving darkening under eye
Peels - these peels are very mild peels
These peels work without actually peeling of skin
Peel ingredients will work on the pigmented cell
Electroporation -we put vitamins C based brightening and anti-aging solutions arround the eyes and roll the electroporation probe to increase the absorption of these


Radio frequency micro needling
It can do wonders to the underage darkening
PRP - in this we use under eye tiny derma roller specially made for under eyes and PRP arround the eyes

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