Acne scar

It has been said that time heals all wounds , I do not agree, the wounds remains scars of any kind depressed , raised , red -affects not only your self esteem but it affects your employment , interviews and your social

It is caused by the inflammation (redness) during the skin healing process The aggravating factors are trauma to the acne ( habit of picking at acne or bursting of acne ) and further loss of collagen in that acne part leading to acne scar Raised scars are produced due to over production of tissue in response to (excessive stimulation of healing process) among all skin problems , scars are the one which takes longest time to resolve even after multiple sessions of treatments And so I believe prevention is better than cure

Even if its small breakout of acne you should see your dermatologist in terms of prevention of post acne scars and pigmentation Because correct treatment of acne lessen the chance of occurrence of acne scars and pigmentation and waiting for acne to resolve by itself and doing harsh wrong treatment can damage your skin more where you end up getting more scars and roughness on the face

We at Adore clinic will help you not only treating the acne but also helps you to prevent occurrence of acne scar by giving you right direction to the intake of medicine and the correct external procedure for that perticular type of acne and acne scar Our expert Dr Madhavi is specialised in acne scar treatment and got you the best available technologies and FDA approved devices from all over the world with a proven safety and efficacy At ADORE clinic we use combination modalities for acne scar treatment and for the better results

Microdermabrasion and peels | Combinations of peels | Radiofrequency with micro needling and PRP | Microdermabrasion and intense pulse light to lighten the redness of scars | Fillers for scar -instantly fills the scar pits ?? ( fillers and botox are the instant fix to look young )

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